Reflecting on learning and seeing the world in exciting new ways.

Welcome to my journey

I am a firm believer that learning is an ongoing journey, not a destination; there is always somewhere else to go with learning and the possibilities are endless. Learning never ceases to excite me and this has underpinned my philosophy throughout my career in education. A few weeks ago, I embarked on another leg of my learning journey when I took up the role of an online professional learning advisor in a tertiary education institution. I am excited about the many opportunities and challenges ahead and am bursting with ideas that I would like to explore personally, with my colleagues, and in my work.

Much like Dr Seuss, there are many places I’d like to go with my learning. But, most of all, I want others to fall in love with learning like I did as a child. I want people to be as excited by new concepts and ideas as I am. I want my colleagues to enjoy the wealth of knowledge, skills and experience they have created for themselves and that of everyone around them. I want to introduce everybody to the global education community we have at our fingertips where help, advice and food for thought are just a few clicks away.

Kaleidoscope animationSo, why Turning the Kaleidoscope? For me, it provides a visual representation of reflective practice, which I believe is essential for effective learning and teaching to take place. Much like the fragments of coloured glass and beads inside a kaleidoscope, ideas can shape and reform themselves in new and exciting ways.  If we look at something from a different angle, or move our perspective even slightly, we can see things in a whole new way. That’s one of the many fascinating things about learning – it’s constantly changing and developing and there is always something new to think about.

This is my journey and I’d be honoured if you join me on the ride. This blog is intended to be reflective by nature, documenting and exploring my thoughts and ideas in relation to concepts I come across in the course of my work – kind of like taking a snapshot of my thinking at a point in time.


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