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Delicious logoI have long been a big fan of delicious or, more specifically, online social bookmarking. Years of travelling or working between various sites and on different computers very quickly allowed me to see the benefit of saving my collection of links in the cloud (backed up, of course) rather than on a local machine. I recently gave a presentation for staff about using online bookmarking. Although it was set in the context of delicious, hopefully the message would be transferable to any other platform. Since 2003, delicious has been my preferred tool of choice but, admittedly, very little seems to have changed or developed within it over the years.

This morning, the Twitterverse was aflutter with news that Yahoo may be shutting down Delicious. Tweeters were aghast; how could Yahoo do this? What would we do now? A quick search for online bookmarking tools turned up this blog post about the five best online bookmarking services. I’ve got to say that this video has made Diigo look incredibly appealing, particularly its ability to highlight and annotate passages of text, rather than whole sites.

Diigo logoI’ve decided to jump on board the Diigo train, probably later than many but hopefully in time to allow me to successfully make the transition from delicious. I’m hoping that my network of users from delicious will also come on board so I can reconnect with them. Apart from joining in with the initial collective outrage at the possibility of delicious being ditched, I’m surprised how quickly I’ve change allegiance to a new platform. I realise there are many others to choose from, and that many people have been using online bookmarking sites other than delicious for a long time, but I’m hoping that Diigo will work for me.

I have begun by exporting my delicious bookmarks into html format. A few weeks ago I decided to split my existing delicious account in two and have one each for personal and professional use. I hadn’t actually begun populating my new account – probably just as well given that I’ll be moving platforms now. However, once I’m up and running, you’ll be able to find me here.


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