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How easy it is

… to make someone’s day. Two little words go a looooong way yet cost so little: thank you.

Yesterday, the inaugural Open Polytechnic Learning Conference took place. 250 of our staff had the opportunity to attend a day of professional learning where we could share ideas, expertise, strategies and examples of good practice that support, promote, enhance, enable and celebrate student success. And what a success the conference was! 😀

Events like this don’t just magically happen on their own. Although a very small number of people actually planned, organised and ran the conference, an army of helpers was enlisted to assist in every area imaginable, from IT help, catering, moving furniture, graphic design, printing and more.

Bucket imageEarlier this year, I blogged about bucket filling. The time and energy required to organise this conference had threatened to drain my bucket many times these past couple of months. However, the practical and emotional support willing given by a huge number of colleagues ensured it was never completely empty and now my bucket is starting to replenish. It has been truly humbling and now it’s my turn to start refilling the buckets of those who have kept mine awash.

When I think of the most memorable thank yous I have received over the years, two key points come to mind: they are personalised and they are sincere. I am currently in the process of handwriting a personalised thank you card for each presenter and helper, valuing their contribution to this wonderful event and showing our appreciation. I have found the process itself is incredibly rewarding as I reflect on what each individual has done and the reactions from people as they read their cards is worth every second spent writing. A little really does go a long way!

Excuse me while I go and fill some more buckets. 🙂